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Things To Visit And Do In Saint Louis

The City

What to see in Saint Louis is one of the questions that tourists get when they get to the city, due to its excellent tourist offer.

The State

Saint Louis is the largest metropolitan area in the state of Missouri, in the United States.


Of the places to see in Saint Louis, one of the most important are the sports facilities that it has.

The Saint Louis

. In fact, it is known as the "City of Baseball," and the team of the Saint Louis Cardinals is one of the most famous in the history of the sport in the United States.

Things To Visit And Do In Saint Louis

Another place to visit in Saint Louis they are his more than 100 parks distributed throughout the city. The largest of all is the one on the west side, the so-called Forest Park. In these recreational areas, different activities such as picnics or concerts are carried out. Of the parks in Saint Louis, the City garden is one of the most picturesque in the city, as it houses a series of public sculptures by various artists. There are more things to see in Saint Louis, apart from its green areas, such as its most monumental side. The visitor can always visit his cathedral, completed in 1914, declared a basilica by Pope John Paul II in 1997.

Attraction Places Of St Louis

St. Louis and the blues

The museum, considered an unmissable, has exhibits of artifacts, live performances and interactive galleries to perpetuate the blues culture for future artists, fans, and historians. Music lovers will also want to hear authentic blues from St. Louis. Most of the blues clubs in the region have performances by local bands during the weekends, as well as some touring artists.

The Magnificent Gateway Arch

The Gateway Arch, the tallest human-made monument in the country and the highest arch in the world, celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2015. The dome, iconic and imposing, was created by the renowned architect Eero Saarinen and commemorates the vision of Thomas Jefferson and the role of St. Louis in the expansion to the west of the USA. UU Hop on the final cable car to reach the observation deck and admire amazing landscapes of the city and the Mississippi River.

Latest Blog

Ted Drewes follows a St. Louis tradition on Old Route 66 since 1929: serve frosty “concrete” smoothies so thick you can flip them over without falling in. Try the “All Shook Up” mixed with peanut butter and bananas in honor of Elvis Presley. In St. Louis, the locals take barbecue very seriously. BBQ lovers can try ribs prepared with a dry marinade, a tasty beef breast and delicious beef strips at restaurants like Pappy’s, Sugarfire Smoke House and many more.

Brewing Culture

Anheuser-Busch, founded in St. Louis in 1852 and with its operations center located in the historic Soulard neighborhood, welcomes visitors to its Anheuser-Busch St. Louis Brewery and Tour Center, as well as Biergarten, a quiet place to enjoy blond beers (like Budweiser) and other specialty beers.

Play Baseball!

St. Louis is the best baseball city in the United States, and no trip is complete without attending a St. Louis Cardinals baseball game. The Cardinals are the heart and soul of the region, as they have more than 3 million fans that make the pilgrimage to Busch Stadium to see them every season.

Visit Ballpark Village, located across from Busch Stadium, which houses a Cardinals-themed restaurant, rooftop seating, the St. Louis Cardinals Hall of Fame and Museum (St. Louis Cardinals Hall of Fame Museum ) and Budweiser Brew House, which includes an open-air brewery.

Known as the “Mother Road” and the “Main Street of America,” Route 66 (Route 66) plays a vital role in the American tradition. St. Louis is one of the largest cities found on Route 66 between Chicago and Los Angeles, and there are several local sites related to the route, including the Old Chain of Rocks Bridge, the original crossing of Route 66 over the Mississippi River (Mississippi River).

Tourist Attractions In San Luis

Looking for a place to the best colonial style to vacation? See this list of tourist places in San Luis. This city has a temperate Mediterranean climate throughout the year. It is located at the foot of the Sierras Grandes next to the Chorrillos river, at the end of Punta de Los Venados. Here you can do sports fishing and any nautical activity because it offers different nearby reservoirs such as San Jeronimo. And if you want to relax and get away from the stress of the city, its thermal waters are perfect for you.

Tourist Places In San Luis Argentina.

In San Luis, you have several access roads and your airport a few kilometers from the center. Where you can see the best colonial style with large houses and nice bathroom vanities, spacious residences, and high canopies. Among the best rides within the city are the Centennial Park and the Nations Park. If you want to know neoclassical architecture, the Cathedral Church of San Luis is the perfect place with its twin towers and hemispherical dome. And if yours is the story here, you have a variety of unique museums like the one of Natural Sciences.